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"Fire Up The Good Life With a Chicago Brick Oven"

Thinking of buying an authentic wood fired pizza oven for the ultimate backyard entertaining experience? TheOutdoorPizzaOven.com is your #1 Source for 's Brick Pizza Ovens, Outdoor Pizza Ovens, Wood Burning Pizza Ovens, and Pizza Oven Kits. Buy your home pizza oven from us and get the best pizza available on your patio.

We have teamed up with the number one manufacturer of wood fired ovens, The Chicago Brick Oven Company, to bring you the pre-assembled wood burning oven model that will give you the outdoor cooking experience every enthusiast wants. Our pizza ovens are designed for residential use, and all are made in the United States. This reduces the complications that come from ordering commercial use wood fired ovens that are heavy and difficult to assemble. You are also spared the long waiting times that are associated with products sent from overseas.

We offer wood fired ovens that are ideal for your outdoor cooking space as well as for your budget. The Chicago Brick Oven is considered by many to be the perfect choice in outdoor pizza ovens. It comes in two different sizes and includes a custom-built cart. If you are looking for the best wood fired ovens, this is the perfect choice for your patio or existing oven. We also carry the Etna oven for those who are looking for the best cooking experience outdoors.

Once you place your order, we get your pizza oven to you fast. We also make it convenient for you to browse our selection. You will learn about the advantages you get when you purchase one of our outdoor pizza ovens that is proudly made in the United States. All of the materials that we use are high grade to provide you with the long-lasting performance you won’t get from other brands. We give you every advantage over imported brands that don’t perform like our outdoor pizza ovens do. Our ovens have all of the features needed to produce the best quality pizza, time after time.

The Chicago Brick Oven ovens are made with a unique low-dome design that provides hours of cooking. They also heat quickly and stay heated for 24 hours so that you have unlimited cooking time. If you are ready to get the best pizza oven available today,


Fire Food and Friends!

  • Don't settle for an imported outdoor pizza oven, we manufacture our wood fired pizza ovens in Chicago so delivery time is fast!
  • Manufactured with high grade refractory brick and infused with steel fibers ensures your outdoor pizza oven won’t crack like clay imported models.
  • Authentic low-dome design produces restaurant-quality radiant, convection and conductive heat for hours of outdoor pizza oven cooking
  • Our wood fired ovens heat in 45 minutes and will retain heat for 24 hours something you can't get from brick pizza oven imports.
  • Beautiful rustic and contemporary wood pizza oven design.
  • Best outdoor pizza oven available
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