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It's About Firing Up The Good Life

What’s the good life to you?

To foodies like us, the good life is family, friends, and food. And then add in some fire, the type that only a Chicago Brick Oven provides.

You’re at the Website for the Outdoor Pizza Oven Company. We’re one of the leading authorized Chicago Brick Oven Dealers, and more importantly, we’re fanatical foodies who live, eat, and breathe wood fired pizza ovens. We know this product backwards and forwards, and are here to help you in your entry into the good life – one where you take cooking for family and friends to an entirely different level.

It’s About a Quality Wood Fired Pizza Oven

There’s the original, high-quality wood fired pizza oven, and then there are plenty of cheap knockoffs. Here, we only sell the best of the best. If you want the ultimate cooking experience, along with world-class support and after-sale advice, then you’re in the right place. Read about us here.

The Chicago Brick Oven Company is the number one manufacturer of high quality, US-made outdoor pizza ovens. They come pre-assembled (or in pizza oven kits), ready to cook a variety of mouthwatering dishes for your family and friends (the name “pizza oven” isn’t entirely accurate – these ovens cook anything and everything.) And these ovens are of serious quality, with cooking performance that cannot be duplicated. These are the same pizza oven kits featured on the DIY network and endorsed by celebrity chefs and James Beard Award Winners.  Read about oven quality here.

It’s about Great Food, Great Experiences, and Great Memories

To someone who loves to cook, there is no substitute for a high-quality cooking device. Using a Chicago Brick Oven for your outdoor cooking is nothing short of art. The savory smells, the ambience, the professional quality that permeates from every crevice and component – you will create meals that become memorable experiences. Day after day, week after week, year after year. Your friends will salivate at your invitation, because they know what it means – a meal (and a day) to remember.

It’s About Getting Exactly What You Want

We offer wood fired ovens that are ideal for your outdoor cooking space, as well as for your budget. We have several sizes and configurations, from contractor pizza oven kits to “ready to use” countertop models to a rolling cart model. And for your commercial ventures, we offer a trailer model, so you can bring your culinary magic anywhere you want.

Fast shipping, high quality, superb (and we do mean superb) service both before and after the sale… the Outdoor Pizza Oven Company is your first and only choice for the best pizza ovens on the market today. Call us today at 800.256.5534, or peruse this website to see our different models and learn more about this exciting new, flavor-filled world you’re about to join.

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