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About the Outdoor Pizza Oven Company

The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company does two things, and we do them extremely well:

First, we’re a leading authorized dealer of Chicago Brick Oven Wood-Fired Ovens. These US-built wood-fired ovens are the best in the world. We have a large stock, super-fast delivery, and great prices.

But secondly (and this is really important), we LIVE these ovens. It’s all we do. When you call us, you’ll be talking to people who actually own these ovens, and probably cooked on one last night.

In other words, we don’t sell 100 other “outdoor items” like wind chimes, patio furniture, or garden gnomes. We don’t have clerks who have to read the box or the specs to give you information or answer your questions. Instead, we have true pizza oven enthusiasts who cook with these every day. It’s a lifestyle for us - food, family, friends, all with best wood-fired oven money can buy. Go ahead – call us right now at 800.256.5534 – we’ll show you that we know our stuff. We’ll also be here for you after the sale, to help you get the most out of your cooks** (we’ve even helped people as they cooked on a Saturday afternoon).

If you are in the market for a Wood-Fired Pizza oven, you can do no better than purchasing a Chicago Brick Oven from us. We’ll get you what you need, and we’ll be here for you when you need us.

About Chicago Brick Oven and Pizza Oven Quality

The Chicago Brick Oven Company manufactures a line of high quality outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens for the ultimate outdoor living experience. Made in the USA, these brick pizza ovens are designed specifically for outdoor residential use to match the needs of today's sophisticated cooking and outdoor entertaining enthusiasts.

Here’s the deal – these are genuine wood burning ovens, with stone inside (and not a sheet metal interior, like the cheap competition). This is a vital difference, as only stone reaches the temperatures you need to make the magic happen, and maintains them for up to 24 hours. The self-conducting interior produces the Flameroll™ Chicago Brick Oven is known for. Then the outside is coated with powered steel, and stays cool. Go ahead, put your hand on that “800-degrees inside” oven… Not to mention your oven will always be rust, scratch, and tarnish-free – this is a lifetime oven, even in areas with harsh winters.   

If you’re serious about your cooks**, then this is the wood fired pizza oven you want. And, of course, despite the name “pizza oven”, you can – and will – cook everything in it.

Some Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured with high grade refractory brick and infused with steel fibers ensures your outdoor pizza oven kit won’t crack like clay imported models. With normal use, your oven will last a lifetime.
  • Authentic low-dome design produces restaurant-quality radiant, convection and conductive heat for hours of superior outdoor cooking. Super-versatile, and can cook almost anything.
  • Very easy to use. Our wood fired ovens heat in 45 minutes and will retain heat for 24 hours, which is something you can't get from cheaper, imported brick ovens.
  • Beautiful rustic and contemporary design. Will look great on your patio. Several models and sizes to choose from.
  • Made in the USA, in stock, fast delivery, and easy to install.
  • Hands down, the best outdoor pizza oven available. If you are exploring outdoor wood-fired ovens, this is the one you want. Don’t make the mistake of buying inferior quality. Again, this is a lifetime purchase, so buy a lifetime oven.
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