Chicago Brick Oven 1000 Bundle

Picture your backyard with the soul of a wood-fired oven. Chicago Brick Oven has  modular, mobile and custom-installed brick ovens that  are the focal point to some of the most beautiful backyards in America.  Chicago Brick Oven recently announced a new larger pizza oven kit that will be ideal for commercial and larger applicati0ns. The CBO 1000  will be available to purchase from The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company.

Chicago Brick Oven 1000 Bundle

Chicago Brick Oven 1000 Bundle

6-piece Oven (2-piece Dome, 3-piece Hearth, Arch), Insulating Door
• Install Kit – Anchor Box with Duravent Anchor Plate #9641, Insulation
Boards, Steel Plate, Steel Binding Plate, Insulating Blanket, Mortar
• Cooking Kit – Brush, Infrared Thermometer


Wood Fired Bacon and Egg Pizza

Wood Fired bacon and egg pizza cooked in a Chicago Brick Oven


An authentic wood-fired brick oven starts with an in-chamber fire. And true to traditional Italian wood-fired ovens, our design features a low, igloo-shaped dome. A modern and efficient flue system ensures that smoke won’t escape through the front of your oven.

Our FlameRoll™ creates a vacuum for concentrated heat up to 1,000ºF. The high-performance design allows you to include radiant heat, convection and conduction in your outdoor cooking repertoire. It’s versatility that’s perfect for the professional or at-home chef.

Only our proprietary low-dome construction produces a FlameRoll.™ As shown in the video at right, the oven vent pulls the flame horizontally across the top of the dome and then vertically down the sides, creating higher temperatures for superior cooking.

360° Cooking
The unique shape of our ovens reduces cold spots and ensures the efficient use of stored radiant heat, cooking food evenly from all directions. Watch the video at right to see how you can take advantage of stored radiant heat for longer periods of time.


To place an order, call The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company. 800-256-5534




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Amerricano Pizza Oven Review

Chicago Brick Oven recently announced a new residential wood fired pizza oven called Americano would be available via The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company.

The Americano is an extremely versatile cooking appliance. When you use as wood fire as your primary tool, you get perfectly seared steak, crispy pizza crust and a killer wood fired flavor. The Americano wood burning brick oven will produce a pizza in under 4 minutes and cook chicken, seafood and meats deliciously! Check out this perfectly cooked authentic wood fired pizza!

Wood Fired Pizza

Wood fired pizza in a Outdoor Pizza Oven from The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company

The Chicago Brick Oven Americano is also a great oven for other dishes, Check out one of my favorite dishes, wood fired chicken with a lemon wine sauce!

Chicago Brick Oven Wood Fired Chicken

Wood Fired Chicken cooked in a Chicago Brick Oven Americano


The best part about the Americano is that its made right here in America, not China so its built to last. If you want to talk with a wood burning oven expert,call The Outdoor Pizza 

Mario Batali Amic Made in the USA

All Chicago Brick Ovens Are Made in America




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Americano By Chicago Brick Oven Hits The Market

The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company released an email yesterday announcing the release of the Americano wood fired pizza oven by Chicago Brick Oven.  The Americano model is best suited for cooking at moderate to high temperatures. The lightweight metal dome delivers our renowned FlameRoll™ for professional pizza-cooking performance and much more. If you are new to wood-fired cooking and are looking for a cost effective way to get started, you will find the Americano by Chicago model a fun, affordable addition to any outdoor space.

What I love about this oven is the price, you can get the oven as a counter-top model that will sit on a base you provide for 2299.00 and that’s delivered! IF you want it as a free standing model, the Americano comes on a cart for 2,599.00 and that also includes fress shipping.

Our dome design and construction reduces the risk of cracking from heat or water penetration. And every one of our wood-burning brick ovens comes with a durable custom dome and sub-hearth insulation package. In good weather and bad, Chicago Brick Oven provides the enduring value of a low-maintenance, high-performance appliance.


Americano Chicago Brick Oven

Chicago Brick Oven Americano

Generations of European oven makers provided the original blueprint for our wood-fired brick ovens. These elegant designs have stood the test of time in temperate regions of Spain, Italy and Germany. But winter in Maine or Wisconsin? Well, that’s another story entirely.

Unlike most wood-fired ovens of today, which are imported to the U.S., all of our ovens are made right here and many are certified to UL and NSF4 Standards. With proprietary refractory cement formula or a custom designed metal dome, they’re built for maximum durability even in extreme climates from coast to coast.

To Order the Americano wood burning outdoor pizza oven, Call The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company 800-256-5534


If you want to buy the Chicago Brick Oven Americano online,  click here.

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Chicago Brick Oven Americano Helps Makes Memories Not Just Pizza

There’s just something about cooking outdoor over a wood fire that brings friends and   family together. Whenever I fire up my Chicago Brick Oven a crowd begins to gather and the experience of cooking with friends and family creates beautiful memories. What I’m trying to say is that is not about the pizza, or the wood fired chicken that I love the most when cooking in our wood burning oven, it’s the memories and the experience of cooking with fire like they did hundreds of thousands a years ago in caves.

Until recently owning a wood fired oven was not readily to the masses. You typically would need to import a model from over seas and that alone was enough to scare people away. The other option would have been to hire a mason contractor and hope he actually gets it correct and the oven is capable of reaching the high heat that is needed and the oven lasts longer than 1 season without cracking. Chicago Brick Oven Changed those hurdles with a killer line of homeowner ready outdoor Neapolitan style wood burning pizza ovens.

Chicago Brick Oven is about to release a new model that will cater to those who want a high quality made in America wood burning oven capable of reaching high temperatures on a limited budget, it’s called The Americano, by Chicago Brick Oven.

The Americana by Chicago Brick Oven will feature an authentic  ‘in-chamber’ fire that will produce intense heat and wood flavor. If it does not have an in-chamber cooking method and the fire is below in a box, it’s not a pizza oven, it’s a grill! Anything you can cook on your grill or in your oven can be prepared in the new Chicago Brick Oven Americano which will be available to buy mid May 2015 for for around 2,500 at The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company.


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Ho to Build An Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

So you started on the culinary journey that somehow lead you to wanting to build an outdoor wood fired pizza oven,  get ready to be enlightened! I have spent the last 4 years cooking some of the most delicious meals from our Chicago Brick Oven and I wanted to pass along a helpful video that will show you how to build a pizza oven step by step.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to start with a pizza oven kit, we found ours at The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company. I personally own the Chicago Brick oven model 750, its perfect for my large family parties. My best friend owns the smaller unit, the CBO 500 and we have done parties of 25 people using that oven, so any size will work, but I like the larger oven for doing full meals. The video below is a step by step time lapse of whats all involved, the biggest reason why you should start with the kit is the 1 piece dome, you wont have to build the igloo. Also, the quality of materials they use are engineered specifically for 4 season weather, I live on the East Cost and we get some crazy weather.  I have had my wood fired pizza oven for 4 years now, and it is still as if we just built it yesterday.

Installation – Time Lapse from Chicago Brick Oven on Vimeo.

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Mugnaini Or Chicago Brick Oven Comparison

When Comparing What residential outdoor wood fired pizza oven kit to purchase and install I was asked to compare Mugaini Imports To Chicago Brick Oven from a contractor and homeowner perspective. I found a couple critical components to use a basis.

  1. Import VS. American Made.
  2. Multiple Piece Dome Or A one singular dome.
  •  American Made OR Import? When Researching Mugnaini I found an extremely passionate company led by Adrea Mugnaini who is one of my favorite Chefs in the wood fired cooking industry. I bought her book and love it.  A product manufactured in other countries have pro’s and con’s but the bottom line for me was the Chicago Brick Oven is manufactured in the hear of of America, where the weather is constantly changing.   I felt like Chicago Brick Oven nailed the climate factor. If you live in the North East( or anywhere that has 4 seasons or climate changes) and have a outdoor pizza oven, it must be able to withstand weather that changes from hot to cold. I bring this up because a brick oven is manufactured with certain refractory elements, some are better for hot/cold weather. I know that the region where Mugnaini Imports their pizza ovens is a consistent warm climate. If you go to the actual Manufacture website, you will quickly understand that their ovens are manufactured for people who live in Italy. I personally feel better when I buy any product that is Made in America because I know our manufacturing standards are higher and the quality control process is tighter eliminating products made with cheaper materials that could harm me or the product I am buying.
  • Dome Design. If you look at the image below you will see what the inside of a Mugnaini pizza oven looks like.  Look closely at the dome of the oven, it is 8 pieces that you would mortar together.Not counting the 8 pieces on the deck, or floor
    Mugnani or Chicago Brick

    Mugnaini VS Chicago Brick Oven

    I bring this up because every masonry contractor I interview prefers a 1 piece dome.  A 1 piece dome inside eliminates the two big factors that affect the quality  and performance of your oven which are installation errors and cracking at the joints where the refractory bricks are connected. Look at the image below of the Chicago Brick Oven System. You will see a solid singular dome design that has no mortar joints.

    Chicago Brick Oven or Mugnaini

    Chicago Brick Oven 1 piece Dome Or Mugnaini Multiple piece dome system



When I talked with Masonry contractors who have direct experience installing both style of wood fired pizza  ovens 100% of them would rather install the Chicago Brick Oven Kit VS the Mugnaini because of the ease of installation. They consistently told me that a 1 piece dome is less likely to crack and holds the heat much better when the mortar joints are eliminated. If you want to research outdoor pizza oven in greater detail I found an Outdoor Pizza Oven Field Guide that will help you decide what oven is best for you.

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Internet Marketing For contractors

We recently launched an online program for the contractors who partner with us and install our outdoor pizza ovens and the feedback has been awesome! Internet Marketing is a  time consuming and daunting task for anyone so  I wanted to share some great content about Internet Marketing that we do for our clients and how we do it.

Internet Marketing Strategy For Contractors


Some of my clients try and do the Search Engine Marketing themselves and want some advice so I wrote this content for you as a guide. If this gets overwhelming for you and you would rather have a professional do it for you we can do it all for you and we are dam good at it!  If you want a free consultation on how to dominate your local area and win all the jobs, call me and I will provide you with a go to market game plan to kill your competition!

Getting your contracting listed in the organic (non-paid-listings) section of the search engines comes down to two core factors:

  • It is important to have the proper on-page optimization so that Google knows what you do and the area you serve, so that it can put it in the index for the right keywords. You do this by having pages for each of your services and then optimizing them for specific keyword combinations (Ex. your city + main service, your city + service 2, your city + service 3, etc.). CONTENT!!!!
  • You must create enough authority and transparency so that Google ranks you on page one (rather than page ten) for those specific keywords. Ultimately, it comes down to having credible inbound links and citations from other websites to your website. He who has the most credible inbound links, citations and reviews,  and content wins.

Before you start creating pages and trying to do the “on-page optimization” work, you need to be clear on the most commonly searched keywords relative to your service. By understanding the keywords, you can be sure you optimized for the words that will actually drive qualified traffic to your site.  We use GOOGLE ADWORDS , it’s free and easy to use.

How to map out the pages that should be included on your website for maximum result.

Now that you have done your homework and determined the most commonly searched keywords in your area, you can start to map out the pages that you should add to your website.

Keep in mind that each page on your website can only be optimized for 1-2 keyword combinations. If you came up with 25 keywords then you are going to need at least 12 – 15 pages.

You need to be sure you have each keyword mapped to a specific page on your site.


Mapped to what page

Main Keyword


Keyword 1

Services – Keyword 1

Keyword 2

Services – Keyword 2

Keyword 3

Services – Keyword 3

Keyword 4

Services – Keyword 4

Keyword 5

Services – Keyword 5


So, for a roofing company you might come up with the following keywords:

Roofer, Roofing, Roofing Contractor, Roof Repair Commercial Roofing Contractor



Mapped to what page

City Roofing

Home Page

City Roofing Contractor

Home Page

City Roof Repair

Roof Repair Page

City Commercial Roofing Contractor

Commercial Roof Repair

City 2 Roofing

City 2 Roofing Page

City 2 Roofing Contractor

City 2 Roofing Page

City 2 Roof Repair

City 2 Roof Repair Page


Now that you have mapped out the pages that need to be added to your website, you can start to think about how to optimize each of those pages for the search engine (Google, Yahoo and Bing).

How to optimize your website and pages for ranking in the organic listings on major search engines.

Step 1 – Build out the website and obtain more placeholders on the major search engines.

Internet Marketing For Contractors  is all about the details!

A typical home services website is has only 5-6 pages (Home – About Us – Our Services – Coupons – Contact Us). That does not create a lot of indexation or placeholders on the major search engines. Most contractors provide a wide variety of services. By building out the website and creating separate pages for each of these services (combined with city modifiers), the contractor can get listed on the search engines for each of those different keyword combinations.

Here is an example:

  • Home – About – Coupons – Contact Us
  • Sub-pages for each service – Miami Emergency Plumber, Miami Leak Detection, Miami Toilet Repair, Miami Water Heater Installation, Miami Tankless Water Heater, etc.

They often provide services to a large number of cities outside of the city in which the business resides. In order to be found on the major search engines for EACH of those sub cities, additional pages need to be created:

  • Sub-pages for each sub city serviced – Kendall Plumber, Doral Plumber, Homestead Plumber, etc.

Step 2 – Optimize Pages for search engines:

Once the pages are built for each of your core services and sub-pages, each of the pages need to be optimized from an SEO perspective so that the search engines understand what the page is about and list you for those words. Here are some of the most important items that need to be taken care of for on-page search engine optimization:

  • Unique title tag on each page
  • H1 tag re-stating that title tag on each page
  • Images named with primary keywords
  • URL should contain page keyword
  • Anchor text on each page and built into the footer  – Miami Plumber
  • XML sitemap should be created and submitted to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools

 Internet Marketing For Contractors is all about Authority!

How to build up the authority of your website so that you can rank on page one for your most important keywords.

Once the pages are built out and the “on-page” SEO is complete, the next step is getting inbound links. Everything we have done to this point is sort of like laying the ground work; you have to have the pages in order to  be in the running. But, but it is the number of QUALITY inbound links and web reference to those pages that is going to determine placement.

Content, Onpage Programming and high quality link building wins!

Building out the pages is just the beginning. The only way to get your site to rank above your competition is by having MORE quality inbound links and citations to your site.

He Who Has The MOST Quality content and Inbound Links, WINS!

 Position Yourself As the Expert And You Will Win The Jobs!

Again, if there’s any secret sauce to ranking well in the search engines, it  is Content, links and authority. The major caveat however, is that you can’t just create garbage links. You don’t want to just have a thousand links. When I say links, I’m talking about other websites hyperlinking to your website.

The latest algorithm changes involve Google Panda and Google Penguin. Google is trying to prevent spam. A lot of internet marketers and SEO specialists realize it’s all about the links. That’s what the Google algorithm was built upon. They figured out ways just to get a bunch of links with random anchor text pointed back to the pages that they want to have ranked. Those links weren’t relevant and from websites that really don’t add any value to the internet, and Google has recognized that.

If you have bad or irrelevant links it can actually hurt your ranking more than help it. It’s about getting quality relevant links back to your home page and sub-pages, through content creation and really strategic link building that will help you outrank your competition. How do you get the links? Where do you get the links? Take a look at the visual below as a reference point. I call this my circle of linking opportunities:


  1. Association Links – Be sure that you have a link to your site from any industry associations that you belong to (Plumbing association, Chamber of Commerce, Networking Groups, etc.).
  2. Directory Listings – Get your site listed on as many directory type listings as possible (Angie’s List, Yahoo Local Directory, Judy’s Book,, etc.).
  3. Create interesting content/articles about your industry. This is probably the #1 source of inbound links because you can write an article and push it out to thousands to article directory sites each containing a link back to a specific page on your site.
  4. Competitive Link Acquisition – this is the process of using tools like Raven Tools, SEO Book and others to see what links your top competitors have, and then get those same or similar links pointed back to your website.


Directory Links – There’s a number of what I like to call “low-hanging fruit,” links. It all starts with your online directory listings. Some  examples include  Google Maps, Yahoo Local, City Search,, Judy’s Book, Best of the Web, Yellow Pages, Hot Frog, eLocal Plumber, Service Magic, and the list goes on. All of these online listings  let you list your company name, address, phone number and a link back to your website. Some of them even allow reviews.

For the most part, you can have yourself added to those directories completely free of charge, entering your company’s name, address, phone number, description, and of course, a link back to your website. They create some authoritative links back to your company. You want to make sure that you have your company listed on those online directory listings.

They’re also valuable from a Google Maps optimization perspective because they give you citations, which are very important for getting ranked on the map. A great way to find additional online directories to add your company to would be to run a search on Google for “your company type – business directory,” or “your city – business directory”. This will give you a great list of potential directory sites to add your company to. There are also tools for this such as BrightLocal or White Spark that will provide you with a list of directory sources based on your industry. That’s where you want to start, your online directory listings. From there, you want to look at any associations that you’re involved with.

Association Links – In the visual, I reference PHCC and QSC. I’m assuming you are involved in some type of association, whether it is the national industry association, the local chapter or some other group affiliation. Visit the websites of those organizations and get listed in the member section. This will give you citations and the opportunity to link back to your website.

Affiliated industries and local businesses that are non-competitive - You can work with colleagues that have affiliated industry type businesses. If you’re in plumbing, go to the HVAC contractors in your area and ask if they will post a link to your website on their own site and vice versa. Utilizing your resources and teaming up with relevant companies will add more authority to your domain.

Supplier Sites - The next thing you could look at is the suppliers that you purchase from. If you are a regular customer at American Standard, Moen or if you’ve got a co?op agreement with Bryant or some other manufacturer, try to coordinate a deal with them. Oftentimes, the places where you buy your merchandise will have a section on their website that mentions their value add resellers. You can get a link from those.

Social Media Profile Links - The other “low Hanging fruit” links are social media profiles. We have a whole chapter about the power of social media and how you can harness it to get repeat and referral business. Simply from a link Building perspective, you should set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, Google Plus page, Pinterest profile and a You Tube channel and place a link to your website on each. Each one of them will allow you to enter your company’s name, address, phone number a description and, of course, a place to put your website address.

Local Association – Other local associations that you’re involved in. If you’re a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a networking group like BNI (Business Networking International), or if you’re involved with a local charity, find out if they list their members on their websites. Another great place to get links is by typing in your city directory.

Competitive Link Acquisition - You might be surprised that if you really tackle these elements and you don’t do any of the other things we have discussed, you will notice that you’ve probably got enough links to outrank your competition in your area. I want to share some additional thoughts and strategies on how you can accomplish even more from a link building perspective. A very powerful strategy that you can implement is called Competitive Link Acquisition.

The way I like to think of it is that if quantity inbound links are the secret sauce to outranking your competition, and if we could figure out who’s linking to your competition or what links your competition have, and we can get those same or similar links pointed back to your website, then you can outrank them, because you’ll at that point have more authority. Competitive link acquisition is the process of figuring out who is in the top position for your most important keywords, reverse engineering their link profile to see what links they have, and getting those same or similar links pointed back to your website. A simple way to do this is just to go to and type in “your city + your service,” and find out who is in the top few positions. Let’s take a look at the number one placeholder. He’s there because his website is optimized well and Google knows that he should be ranked well based on the quality and quantity inbound links compared to the competition.

Once you know who he is, you can use a couple of different tools such as Raven Tools, Majestic SEO, Back Link Watch, etc., and you can take their URL, input it into your tool of choice, run the report, and get a list of links in return.

So, your number one competitor is Google spits out a list showing that they have 392 inbound links.

  • He’s got a link from the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • He’s got a link from the PHCC.
  • He’s got a link from an article that he posted in the local newspaper.
  • He’s got a link from the local networking chapter.

By analyzing the types of links that he has, you can systematically mimic those links and get them pointed back to your website.

Don’t just do this for your first competitor, but also for your second and third and fourth and fifth competitors. By doing that on a consistent basis, you can start to dominate the search engines for your most important keywords.

If you build out your site for your services and sub-services, optimize the pages using SEO best practices and then systematically obtain inbound links,you will start to DOMINATE the search engines for the plumbing related keywords in your area.

Content marketing strategies for maintaining relevance in your market

Another highly important factor in SEO is relevant ongoing updates to your website. In the internet age, content is king.

Google loves fresh content. In some cases, with the changes in the algorithm, just because you’ve got a great website with the right title tags and all the best links, you may get discounted if they’re not seeing fresh information posted on a consistent basis. It is important to have a methodology where you are creating and posting content to your website on a regular basis. I want to give you a framework for figuring out what kind of content you could write, why you should create content, and how you can do it consistently.

First, you need to understand and accept that you need to become a subject matter expert. You might not consider yourself a writer or a content creator, but you are a subject matter expert.

There are things that you know that the general population does not. You’re a plumber, a roofer, a pool builder and you have a team of people that are experts in this area as well. You can create content on the topic that you know most about.

You can write about the differences between tank and tankless water heaters, why you would want to consider trenchless versus a regular project, or the differences between copper and PCB piping. There are a lot of different topics you can come up with that you can create content about.

You should also consider that content doesn’t have to be just written words. It’s doesn’t have to be just articles. Content can come in a variety of forms. The most popular are going to be articles, photos, videos and audio files. Stop and think about what content creation method works best for you.

Some people are great writers and that’s their strength. Other people like to be on camera. I personally like to create videos. I’m very comfortable creating videos.

Other people can talk, and they can talk your ear off about whatever topic they are passionate about. You can create content in many different ways. Because it is what I enjoy, I’ll use video as an example. A contractor can set up a camera and record himself explaining the differences between using a tank and going tankless in the same manner that he would explain it to a customer.

Now you’ll actually have multiple pieces of content. You’ll have a video, which can be uploaded to You Tube, Vimeo, Meta Café, etc. That one piece of content can create multiple invaluable links to your website.

You can also take that video, save the audio portion of it, and you’ve got an audio clip. You can upload that audio file to your website and post on other various sites. You can use a transcription service like, for instance, where you upload the audio or video file and somebody converts it to text. For a couple of bucks, you’ll have a complete article comprised of what you said. Now you’ve got a piece of content you can post to your blog. You can put it on eHow or one of those other article directory sites.

You want to create content on a consistent basis, using the blog on your website as the hub to post it, but then syndicating it to various sources. Syndicating it to article directory sites if it’s in text form, and sending it to video sites like Vimeo, Metacafe and if it’s in video form. Doing this keeps the content fresh on your website/domain and creates a lot of authority, which is really going to help with the overall ranking of the website on the search engines.

You want to make sure you’re appropriating each one of these link-building opportunities to maximize your rank-potential in your area. You might be surprised that contracting and home services are highly competitive from a SEO perspective. There are a lot of contractors that want to rank for the same keywords, and many of them have invested heavily in the internet and in getting themselves higher in the search engines.

Now that you’ve built out your website, you’ve optimized it correctly, and you’ve got an ongoing link-building and content development strategy in place, you want to start looking at Google Maps Optimization and getting ranked on the Google Map.

If you want us to do it for you, give me a call and I will provide a go to market plan and done for you solution so that you can CRUSH your competition and sell toms of pizza ovens and outdoor living projects. 800-256-5534

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The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company Free Chicago Brick Oven Contest

I feel so blessed  to have a business that is my passion, pizza and food!  We started a contest on Facebook to give away one of our wood burning pizza ovens and all you have to do is send us a video showing us your passion. Wood fired pizza is the hottest trend in the food industry and we can turn our backyard into a brick oven restaurant that will have your friends and family showing up for that wood fired slice of heaven.

wood fired oven chicken

Wood Fired Chicken in a Chicago Brick Oven

If you read any of my content online you know that our Chicago Brick Oven 750 is extremely versatile allowing you to prepare mouth watering wood fired steak, fish, brick oven vegetables and so much more. Below is a video entry from the Boggs family out of Cincinnati Ohio telling us why they should win a Chicago Brick Oven.

If You want to learn more about the wood fired brick ovens in the world, contact the experts at The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company. 800-256-5534

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Chicago Brick Oven Video Contest

Well guys, we are starting to get in a lot of video’s for the Free Chicago Brick Oven and this specific video is something we wanted to share. Watch Sargent Mark Amormino who has been stationed in Afghanistan make pizza’s with old bricks and a shovel he found from a demolished building. Mark is headed back home to South Carolina  and made this video to enter to win a pizza oven. I love this country and guys like Mark are the reason why I started a Made in America family business.




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Chicago Brick Oven Pizza Oven Contest

  • Spring is coming fast and that means outdoor cooking and what better way to enjoy BBQ than with your very own outdoor wood fired pizza oven manufactured by Chicago Brick oven sold at The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company.  The Following information is how to enter and win your very own backyard outdoor wood burning pizza oven.
  • Chicago Brick Oven

    Fired by Chicago Brick Oven

  1. You must Like us On Facebook or already be a Fan.
  2. Send us a short 30 second video telling us why you would be the perfect family for an outdoor pizza oven. Get creative and have fun!
  3. The video must be emailed to us at
  4. You must post the video on your own Facebook page
  5. We only need 500 entries to draw a winner.
  6. The winner will be chosen by our corporate office along with the video with the most amount of likes.
  7. This is an Outdoor Pizza Oven Company contest, a certified premier dealer of Chicago Brick Ovens
  8. The video will be posted on our YOUTUBE Chanel along with our FB page for people to like.
  9. The oven will be chosen based on the winners needs and location
  10. Local tax and delivery our covered by the winner.
Chicago Brick Oven Mobile 750

Chicago Brick Oven Mobile 750 Outdoor Pizza Oven

I wish all of you the best, we really want to give one away and change someones life!


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