Why you should buy an outdoor wood burning oven

Outdoor entertaining  keeps evolving and the hottest trend these days is to build an outdoor kitchen for entertaining and the hottest outdoor kitchen product has the be an outdoor wood burning pizza oven.

outddoor kitchen with a pizza oven

I cant even begin to explain what it’s like to actually own an outdoor wood fired oven like the Mario Batali Amici for pizza but I can tell you it has changed my life forever! Once you have decided you want to make the purchase, you should do your research as we have noticed a lot of so called brick ovens for your home turn out to be…. well… Chinese imported garbage. (I ‘m just being honest)

Here are the top reasons you should buy your outdoor brick oven from the Outdoor Pizza Oven Company;

  1. We only sell and specialize in residential outdoor wood pizza ovens.
  2. We are foodies who actually cook in our ovens weekly, our competitor’s just post pictures of ovens, they have no idea what its like to actually cook in one.
  3. We ONLY sell American manufactured ovens like The Chicago Brick Oven line, all o the other brands you see online are imported junk that wont last(seriously)
  4. We use the highest grade refractory material used so the oven will not crack due to thermal shock.
  5. Low Dome design so the low dome pushes the heat down to the hearth(floor where you need the heat because that is where your pizza is.
  6. Heavily insulated so the heat stays in and you can cook for hours.
  7. We will take the time to educate you on what it’s like to own and cook in your pizza oven based on our real life practical experience.
  8. Outdoor Pizza oven

If you want expert advice on purchasing an outdoor pizza oven, please call The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company  at 800-256-5534.


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