Chicago Brick Oven, Fire Up The Good Life!

When you buy a Chicago Brick Oven your buying more than a home wood fired pizza oven,  your buying a lifestyle!  The  Chicago Brick Oven’s tagline is “Fire Up the Good Life” and they mean it.

Imagine friends and family all gathered around your Chicago Brick Oven outdoor wood fired pizza oven  drinking wine, enjoying each others company and participating in the making of authentic old world Neapolitan and gourmet pizza pies.

Chicago Brick Oven

Fire up The Good Life!

Owning a Chicago Brick Oven wood fired pizza oven will turn into a lifestyle that will create lasting memories. Your CBO brick pizza oven gives  a whole new meaning to “eating out”  When we entertain with our Chicago Brick Oven, our guests cant wait to get involved in the cooking experience. We set up a pizza toppings bar and let our friends and family create their own delicious wood fired pizzas.




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