Who Else Wants To Fire Up The Holidays?

The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company Gets Merry!
I will keep this short and sweat!
If you have not yet purchased an Outdoor Pizza Oven, NOW might be a great time to buy!!
Did you get our Outdoor Pizza Oven Field Guide yet? If not, click here.
We wanted to run a special  holiday promotion this year and we decided to give you everything you could possible need to have a great fired up holiday.
Anyone that purchases a wood burning brick oven from the date this post is published  through December 15th will get a bunch of really cool accessories worth $500!
If you do not know already, every oven we sell already comes with free shipping and no tax, but we are going even further.
We will include the following items as a special gift box… a really really big gift box!
  • Pizza Peel- Free
  • Wood Oven Brush- Free
  • Laser Temperature Gun- Free
  • Iron Wood Holder For Inside Oven- Free
  • 9 Pounds Of Our Caputo 00 New York Style Pizza Flour- Free
  • Galvanized Steel Ash Shovel- Free
  • Big Bag Of Instant Yeast- Free
  • Wood Burning Oven Mitt- Free
  • 9 Cans Of San Marzano Italian Whole Tomatoes- Free
  • Stainless Steel Pizza Pie Server- Free
  • Huge Can Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Free
  • Artisan Pizza Dough Tray For Proofing- Free
  • Artisan Dough Tray Lid- Free
  • Dredge Shaker With 3 Tops- Free
  • 12″ Aluminum Pizza Tray- Free
  • 2 More Bags of 00 Chefs Flour 1 Kilo Each Bag- Free
All of these tools and ingredients will ensure the absolute BEST outdoor pizza oven experience, it’s everything you need with an Outdoor Pizza Oven!
To take advantage of this Holiday Special, just call 800-256-5534 and let them know you got the email with all the free stuff and you WANT IT!
The clock is ticking, the holidays are coming and how cool would it be to get a backyard wood burning pizza oven with all the goodies listed above!
Call 800-256-5534 and Fire Up The Good Life with a Backyard Wood Burning Pizza Oven.
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