Easy outdoor pizza oven plans

I see more and more outdoor pizza oven plans floating around online but they all seem to share they same basic design that uses old school fire brick that has multiple pieces mortared together. Firebrick has worked for thousands of years but one of the obvious flaws is the chance for cracking at the mortar joints. If you have a  dome that consists of multiple firebricks that are connected you run the risk of cracking specifically when you blasting the dome of the oven at 800 to 100 degrees.

pizza oven plans with Chicago Brick Oven

Pizza Oven plans using a Chicago Brick Oven Kit

One of the best pizza oven’s I have personally cooked in uses a 1 piece refractory dome. the one piece dome has no mortar joints and therefore the risk of cracking is significantly diminished. I personally cook in a Chicago Brick Oven that has been outside in extreme East Coast weather for 4 years and the oven has yet to experience any type of cracking. The outdoor pizza oven plans I used are easy to follow and the 1 piece dome makes assembly extremely easy. The pizza oven kit’s offered by Chicago Brick Oven make great DIY Pizza Oven projects and the pizza oven plans are easy to follow. Follow the link above and you can download a free step by step install guide.

The Kit I use is the 750 model and  we love it! Check out the flameRoll inside the pizza oven, this is how you know you built a great oven, you got a convevtion oven going with the flameroll.

Check out this killer wood fired pizza!

brick oven pizza

authentic brick oven pizza that used my outdoor pizza oven plans

If you need any advice on building your outdoor pizza oven, contact The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company, they are Chicago Brick Oven and wood fired pizza oven experts. 800-256-5534


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