Types of wood for your Wood Burning Pizza Oven

I get asked a lot what types of wood are best for outdoor wood  pizza ovens and brick pizza ovens so I wanted to give a couple of quick suggestions. Cooking with fire can be extremely gratifying and when the wood you choose to burn enhances the flavors of your food… well lets just says it’s something you must experience!

Wood Burning Pizza Oven

What type of wood should I burn in my outdoor wood fired pizza oven or brick oven?

There are several types of wood that I would recommend to use in your wood burning oven based on my own experiences however it is truly a matter of taste. Many people enjoy fruitwood such as Apple, Cherry, Peach and Plum while others love the taste of foods cooked in an oven burning Oak. Here is a list of some of mine and my customers’ favorites in no particular order:

Apple – Excellent, fruity aroma and great for cooking just about anything. Has a light, smokey flavor. great for any wood pizza oven!
Pear – Another excellent fruitwood similar to apple. Great for any brick pizza oven
Hickory – Revered by “smokers”. Who doesn’t love the traditional taste of a tender ham smoked with some good old-fashioned Hickory? Excellent in wood fired ovens as well!
Mesquite – A very popular cooking wood Mesquite burns hot and gives food a slightly sweet flavor.
Maple – An all around good, aromatic wood which adds a sweet flavor to foods. Great for cooking pork!
Oak – When seasoned Oak has one of the longest burning times, burns clean and has a great aroma. It also enhances your foods flavor.
Pecan – Another wood widely used for smoking foods Pecan adds a wonderful, mildly sweet flavor to foods. Does not burn very hot.
Walnut – Very strong, smokey flavor. For those who love smoked meat!
Chestnut – Not much heat output and tends to spark a lot.
Cherry – Burns well and has a nice aroma.

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