Wood Fired Ovens – Be the Envy of Your Neighborhood

If you like to host outdoor parties for your friends and neighbors and face it, who doesn’t perhaps you should consider doing something besides the traditional BBQ. Everyone does the whole BBQ thing and as good as it is barbecue can get a little tiresome. Wood fired ovens are becoming the hottest trend in outdoor cooking. You may have seen a wood fired oven at your local Italian restaurant, they use them to bake pizza and just about everything else they serve except for the salad.

Now you can bring the same versatility and flavor to your backyard cookout, wood fired ovens like the Mario Batali Pizza Ovens are now available in the perfect size to fit on your patio. The Mario Batali line of wood fired ovens are specifically designed for the homeowner so installation is extremely easy. Imagine what your neighbors will say the next time they come over for the weekly cookout and instead of ribs on the grill; they are greeted with the smell of fresh pizza baking in the oven. You can cook virtually anything in one of the beautiful ovens from The Outdoor Pizza Oven.

With four different ready to go ovens, the Amici which is the “mobile” wood fired oven the Etna which is the “Counter-top” model and the Vesuvio which is the stand-alone unit and a do it yourself kit, you will soon be the envy of the neighborhood. The only problem is that your house will now be the home of all cookouts instead of trading off each week.TheOutdoorPizzaOven.com is your #1 Source for Brick Pizza Ovens, Outdoor Pizza Ovens, Wood Burning Pizza Ovens & Pizza Oven Kits Online!


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