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Chicago Brick Oven Mobile Catering Trailer Oven  

Chicago Brick Oven Mobile catering wood fired pizza oven

Product Name: CBO Trailer
Product Code: CBO-TRAILER
Availability: AVAILABLE! Ships in 1 to 2 Days
Shipping: To Be Determined


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The mobile wood fired pizza business is the hottest trend hitting the streets of America and The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company is positioned to help you cash in on this exciting business opportunity

Wood Fired Pizza Catering is big business that has limited competition with high profit margins. The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company is positioned with the most comprehensive highest quality and aggressively priced wood fired pizza catering packages.  Wineries, farmers markets, festivals, weddings, private events and catering make the mobile wood fired pizza oven business extremely versatile.

The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company’s President is also one of the most sought after Internet Marketing Consultants and can provide creative Social Media Marketing strategies like Facebook, Twitter and Search engine optimization to help you grow your business and crush the competition.

Chicago Brick Oven Mobile Catering Trailer Oven  

Cooking surface 41" x 28" Includes Brick Oven tool set
Manufactured by the Chicago Brick Oven Company Weighs about 1,000 pounds
Completely assembled Wood Fired Catering Marketing Package option available includes website, Social
On trailer and ready to start cooking Tons Of Storage
Heats Fast and retains heat for hours    
Wood or Coal Fired    
Available in multiple colors    

Additional Product Information  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I cook on these ovens besides Pizza?

Can I use any kind of wood?

How easy are these Chicago Brick ovens to use?

Where Does the Fire Go, inside the oven or in a firebox or chamber?

Get answers to these questions and more with our detailed Frequently Asked Questions page. Click Here To Read More >>

What Makes A Chicago Brick Oven the Leader, Watch this!

Durability from Chicago Brick Oven on Vimeo.

Product Testimonials  

       Average Rating: 5 of 5    |     Total Reviews: 1     

   We are the Hit of Ohio State

Reviewer: RG Gunn from Ohio State

We have been making pizza for friends and family along with small catering gigs for a while. We recently purchased the Catering Oven Made by Chicago Brick Oven and I cant begin to tell you how this has helped us grow our business. We sell out every night and our crowds are raving fans. We did the Oven in A red finish with our logo and we are now expanding with 5 more mobile locations. this has been such a life changer. Our pizza tastes and looks great and we have that WOW factor. We love it!



It is our policy that once an oven is received and accepted by the customer, that customer agrees the oven came is perfect condition. If the homeowner damages the oven during the moving process or damages any part of their property it is the full responsibility of the homeowner to have the repairs made at their expense.

In the case of shipping damage, the customer must reject the item from the shipping company and not accept the item to be eligible for a refund, exchange or replacement.

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