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Wood Burning Pizza Oven

If you're a gourmet chef, you probably like to collect and use all sorts of cooking equipment. At The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company, we make a great wood burning pizza oven that will make a fine addition to your cooking collection. There are few things as delicious as a handmade pizza cooked over real wood.

Ask practically any gourmet chef and they are sure to tell you that in order to pull off a great meal, you need the right equipment. You wouldn't try to make espresso in a toaster, right? As with any artisan craft, the proper tools make all the difference in the world. When you crave absolutely Italian pizza, bake that baby in a real wood burning pizza oven. Here at The Outdoor Pizza Oven, we offer a variety of very nice, very authentic, wood burning pizza ovens. We can ship you a classic brick oven or an easy-to-assemble wood burning pizza oven kit. We can even send you a portable pizza oven that you can roll out of the way when you're not actively using it.

Sure, it's possible to bake a decent pizza in your indoor kitchen, but it simply won't replicate that authentic, wood-fired aroma and flavor that you get with a real wood burning pizza oven. There is just no way an electric stove or a natural gas oven can provide the flavor of a pizza pie baked in a brick oven over real apple wood. Once you've tasted a fabulous pie that was lovingly baked in a wood burning pizza oven, no other pizza cooking technique will do. The Outdoor Pizza Oven stocks and sells a wood burning pizza oven to suit almost every budget. Questions? Contact us online or give us a call at 800.236.5534. We would love to put you together with a great wood burning pizza oven that will serve you for many years to come.
The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company
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